9" Shifter Adapter + Grip!

OffBeat Garage

$ 50.00

This is the 9" long version of the shift knob grip adapter.

This product allows the use of any 7/8" I.D. grip to be used as a shift knob and comes with an ODI Vans grip that features the signature OffBeat Garage smiley face as the top cap as well as laser etched OffBeat clamps. 

Keeps cool to touch in the summer and offers tons of a grip even if you don't wear gloves!

The adapter rods themselves are available in 3 colors:

Black, Silver, or Neochrome

The ODI Vans grips are available in 4 colors:

Black, White (out of stock), Red, Gum (out of stock)

The clamps are available in 9 colors and the top and bottom clamp colors can be selected individually:

Black, White (White color will not be laser etched to say OffBeat), Grey, Purple, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Gold

***Black clamps are currently out of stock

***White clamps are currently out of stock

***Red clamps are currently out of stock

***Gold top clamps are currently out of stock

Mix and match with the options and get the exact look you want!

Available in M10 x 1.25 and M12 x 1.25 thread pitches.

M10 x 1.25: fits most Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai vehicles. 

M12 x 1.25: fits most Lexus, Subaru and Toyota vehicles

^The above is a general list and used for reference only. You should always check the thread pitch of your vehicle before ordering.

Total weight: ~10 oz.

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